Our Products/Menu

Mountain Mike's PizzaAt Mountain Mike’s we use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available. Our privately labeled line of meats and cheeses, dough mix and pizza sauce recipes are just a few of the many advantages our franchisees have over the competition.

We constantly monitor our suppliers' product quality and prices to insure that our franchisees get the best product at the best price, all while maintaining our high standard of quality.

Appetizers & Salads

Appetizers & Salads

What meal is complete without a delicious appetizer or a fresh salad? These types of items bring families together
around the table, both at the restaurant and in their homes.
Our appetizers are held to the same high standards as our pizza products.

Our fresh salad bars add to the experience of dining out without the overhead, and our Foster Farms chicken wings keep customers coming back for more, all while watching your bottom line.

Our "Real" Pepperoni - It Made Us Famous

Mountain Mike's "Real" Pepperoni PizzaIf the vast majority of all pizzas sold is pepperoni, then having a truly superior and far better-tasting pepperoni
would surely give us a clear-cut advantage over the competition.

Mountain Mike's pepperoni does just that.

The pepperoni other chains sell lies flat, and this is a clear sign that their customers are not getting the real thing. Mountain Mike's old-world pepperoni is made using a natural casing, creating a "teacup" look when cooked. It has been our signature product for almost 40 years.

A little crisp, a little spicy, a lot of pepperoni... Pepperoni Perfection!