Mountain Mike’s serves a range of high-quality foods that can fit into any well-balanced diet. The documents below will provide you with nutritional information on our products to help you make informed choices.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make sensible decisions about balance, variety and healthfulness of your diet.

Nutritional Information*

Pizza Calorie Chart*


Mountain Mike’s attempts to provide nutrition and ingredient information regarding its products that is as complete as possible. Some menu items may not be available at all restaurants. While the ingredient information is based on standard product formulations, variations may occur depending on location, region of the country and the season of the year.

Further, product formulations change periodically. Serving sizes may vary from quantity upon which the analysis was conducted. All products may contain trace amounts of ingredients derived from animals. If you wish further information or have special sensitivities or dietary concerns regarding specific ingredients in specific menu items please contact us for additional nutrional details.

* Our product allergens are listed for the ingredients used. We can not guarantee that ingredients are manufactured in buildings that contain no other allergens.

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